1. For transponder personification, it is necessary to have a personal account number, PAN-number of the device and account at the Personal office at https://avtodor-tr.ru.

2. In Personal office select “Account” and click “Link a non-personified transponder”.

3. Enter the device data and confirm the relation to an individual, confirm consent for personal data processing, offer terms and services payment regulation.

4. Enter correct personal data that correspond to the personal ID document. In case if entered data at this stage differ from actual, you may be refused service at you personal reporting to the Sales Center of Avtodor - Toll Roads, LLC on your personal account.

5. If the data pass automatic checking and no conflict has occurred with similar data of any other user, then your personification is completed successfully.

6. If the data are not automatically processed, then “Personification cannot be completed!” message is displayed. In this case, it is necessary to call the contact center or send an e-mail to tpass@avtodor-tr.ru to resolve the issue.