The manual for recharging your account via “Elecsnet” instant payment terminals


You can recharge the account linked to your personalized device (a contactless smart card and a transponder) via any “Elecsnet” instant payment terminals throughout Russia.


Recharging non-personalized CSC via instant payment terminals is not an option.
The service is available to Nature Persons, only.


To top up the balance, visit the “Transport” section and select “Avtodor - Toll Roads.”

Choose an authentication method:



Enter your account or cell phone number (depending on the choice you made at the previous step):


2.png      3.png      5.png


Select a personal account (given more than one account is linked to the same cell phone number):



Confirm the information entered:



Deposit the amount needed:




You can save the payment details in your personal “Elecsnet” Notebook to facilitate your future recharges:




For the detailed information about instant payment terminals and payment methods please visit official website of “Elecsnet”.
Follow to find out the addresses of instant payment terminals.