The manual for recharging your account via “Elecsnet” instant payment terminals

You can recharge the account linked to your personalized device (a contactless smart card and a transponder) via any “Elecsnet” instant payment terminals throughout Russia.


Recharging non-personalized CSC via instant payment terminals is not an option.
The service is available to Nature Persons, only.

To top up the balance, visit the “Transport” section and select “Avtodor - Toll Roads.”

Choose an authentication method.

Enter your account or cell phone number (depending on the choice you made at the previous step).

Select a personal account (given more than one account is linked to the same cell phone number).

Confirm the information entered.

Deposit the amount needed.

You can save the payment details in your personal “Elecsnet” Notebook to facilitate your future recharges:

For the detailed information about instant payment terminals and payment methods please visit official website of “Elecsnet”.
Follow to find out the addresses of instant payment terminals.