Avtodor-Toll Roads, LLC is:

  • Fee collection (tolling) from highway users
  • Sales and Service center and purchasing of electronic payment means
  • Road quality, comfort and traffic safety
  • High quality services to clients
  • Landscaping and reconstruction of the toll road sections
  • Operation of the tolling equipment and automated traffic control systems


Toll points

  • Newest systems of toll collection
  • Few easy methods of payment
  • Sales and Service centers
  • Interactive map of toll roads
  • Twenty-four hours customer support

Payment means

  • Large distribution network
  • Fast lanes for the owners of the transponder (T-pass)
  • Complex of services for individuals and legal entities
  • Quality assurance of service
  • Road toll discounts for the users of transponders (up to 60%)
  • State Company Avtodor loyalty program

Customer service

  • Provision of services for individuals and legal entities
  • Information of a rules for the use and operation of electronic devices
  • Conditions for the acquisition of payment means