In 1938 designing of a motor road was initiated, which was then called “Moscow-Sevsk”. Construction of the road as an engineering structure was carried at the following stages:

From 107-to 180 kilometers – in 1959
From 180-to 300 kilometers – in 1963
From 300-to 425 kilometers – in 1964
From 425-to 507 kilometers – from 1959 to 1963

For the period of 1964 to 1976 the motor road had been renovated by installing a cement-concrete surfacing, 23 small artificial erections had been finished and restored, a twin-layer asphalt-concrete surfacing was installed on the concrete slabs at the renovating section of 106 - 110 kilometer, the carriage way width was extended from 6 to 7.5 meters. Construction of the motor road was carried out by general contractors: Centerdorstroy trust (107-307 km) and Kievdorstroy (307-507 km) of the Main Construction Trust of the Ministry of Transport Construction. The motor road was constructed in accordance with standard specifications for the second category roads with cement-concrete surfacing. Data from site of the State Company “Avtodor”.

In March 2017, the 124 - 173 km paid section of the Motor road M-3 Ukraine will be commissioned. Toll points are located at 136 km and 168 km, take off points to the alternative section is at 107 km point at the area of Belousovo and 173 km at the take off to Kaluga. For providing the users with Electronic travel registration means, sales and servicing centers operate at this section.