The “Avtodor - Toll Roads” LLC is a subsidiary of the State Company “Russian Highways”. One of the main responsibilities of the Company is to operate the first section of the M-4 “Don” Highway - from 21 to 225 km, from 33 till 66 km of the M-1 “Belarus” Highway and the Toll Stations at the 668 km of the M-11 "Neva" Highway and at the 2 km of the “Central Ring Road” Highway. The sections have intense traffic on them. It is our priority goal to provide all the needed to set up traffic, maintenance of the road and roadside furniture at a high level. Collection of fares on these toll road sections is also our responsibility and we aim to provide to all of the drivers a large variety of comfortable payment options.

Alongside these tasks considering operation duties the “Avtodor - Toll Roads” LLC is responsible for distribution and service of transponders T-pass – the devices which allow to automatically pay for the passage through Toll Stations on all of the toll roads under the trust management of the State Company “Russian Highways” and other operators.

At the moment, Avtodor-Toll Roads LLC is represented by a wide network of its own Sales and Service Offices located alongside toll road sections. The company is also actively working to expand the presence of T-pass transponders at full service filling stations, car dealerships and service stations, auto parts stores, wholesales online sites and roadside rest areas.

Besides, the company has organized and is constantly improving a whole range of services for owners of transponder T-pass:

• round-the-clock clients support through the freephone contact center 8-800-707-23-23;

• USSD-request service - * 390 #, which is available even without mobile Internet connection;

• providing modern and convenient services: interoperability for paying on all Russian toll roads of other operators, “Personal Account” for controlling the personal account expenses, many options for tracking and filling up personal account balances, providing “Subscriptions Tickets” for maximum savings and more;

• online-store is for ordering devices with an express delivery option in Moscow and the Moscow Region;

• additional services for transponder T-pass users: everyone can take transponder T-pass on lease for only 5 rubles per day, increase the warranty period of the device up to 5 years.