How to recharge your account



Online recharge without logging in

You can recharge your account without logging into your Personal Account. 

To this effect, just visit the “Recharge your account without logging in” section and follow the instructions. Your personal account can be identified in three ways, by verifying your:

  • Cell phone number
  • Contract number
  • Device ID (PAN number, 19 digits)
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Recharging via Sberbank Online

You can use self-service terminals and ATM to recharge your account (in cash or with your bank card) and the Sberbank-Online remote access system. Sberbank-Online Internet Bank and Sberbank-Online mobile application. “Autopay” service is also available.

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Recharging at filling stations

A convenient opportunity to top up your account while refilling your car is provided by the LUKOIL-branded filling station chain. This, as well as any other recharging, will only require providing your account or device number to the tollbooth attendant.

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Recharging via cell phone (USSD request)

To quickly and easily check the balance (recharge the account) of his device, the registered user is required to:

  • for balance enquiry - enter *390*1*1*1# and push the call key.
  • for balance recharging - enter *390*1*2*1*amount_to_be_debited*1# and push the call key, then - confirm debiting funds from the cell phone account by sending “1”.

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Recharging at Sales and Service Centers

You can recharge your account both in cash and with bank cards at our Sales and Service Centers. To this effect, you simply have to provide either your device or contract number.

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Recharging with bank cards

You can recharge your personal account with a bank card in two ways:

  • Log in to your Personal Account and click “Top up the balance.” If you are already subscribed for auto-recharge, the masked number of the Bank Card you use to automatically recharge your Personal Account will be indicated in the “Added card“ field.
  • Recharge your account without logging in.

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Recharging via “Elecsnet” instant payment terminals

You can recharge your account linked to your personalized device (a contactless smart card and a transponder) via any “Elecsnet” instant payment terminal throughout Russia. To top up the balance, visit the “Transport” section and select “Avtodor-Toll Roads (in Russian "Автодор-Платные Дороги").” 

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