How to sign up for a Personal Account


Click the “Personal Account” link at the top-right corner of the site (Рис.1):




Click “Sign up” (Fig. 2) in the appearing window:




After clicking “Sign up”, specify the user data by filling in the required fields (marked with asterisks) and click “Subscribe” (Fig. 3):




An activation link is automatically emailed to the address you indicate while signing up. You are required to follow the link provided in the email.
After following the link in the letter, click “Log in to the system” in the appearing window.

Click “Create a request for adding the contract” (Figure 4) on the main page of the “Personal Account” section:




Complete the correspondent fields to link a new user contract or click “Create a request for adding the contract based on the transponder number” (Fig. 5) in the appearing window.:




Note! Depending on the selected user type (individual, legal entity, individual entrepreneur), different field sets are to be filled in.

  • When you enter the correct details, the contract will be added automatically;
  • Should the user make mistakes when entering details, a support ticket should be open;
  • After consideration of the application specialist in the "Applications" section will be answered. After closing the application by a specialist, you must resubmit the application. When you enter the correct data, the contract will automatically be assigned and all the functions of the Personal Account will be available.

You will be forwarded to the main page of the “Personal Account” section (Fig. 6) - a sample page for individuals: